Are you wondering if therapy can help you during this Coronavirus pandemic? If you’ve had some therapy before, or even if you thought about it but never made the phone call, this may be the perfect time to get the support you’ve been needing.

1. Therapy can help you feel less alone. If you are sheltering in place in your own little apartment, you may be feeling pretty disconnected by now. Talk therapy helps you sort out the thoughts spinning around in your head.

2. Therapy can make it easier to deal with other people. If you’re staying home with your partner and kids, you may be tired, irritable, crowded, and yet feel disconnected.

3.Time to focus on you. Is everyone you see needing your attention, or getting in your way? Talking to a therapist can help you feel less irritable and more like yourself again. Whether you come to the office or we meet on a video conference call, this is time and space for you.

4. Put a brake on anxiety. You can learn how to stop this cycle of stress, avoidance, numbing, or self medicating and regret. Whatever your particular way of coping with the fear and uncertainty (that thing you do that isn’t really working), that can stop.

5. Get to know yourself on a deeper level. Challenging times can can be opportunities. You’ll get clear about how your past experiences are effecting you now. You may even learn to see some value in what you’ve been through and see strengths you didn’t know you had.

6. Make managing emotions easier. With the help of an experienced therapist, you will not only have a person to listen, support and encourage you, but you’ll learn new skills to deal with stress, anxiety, and sadness.

7. Identify and tackle symptoms of depression that may be triggered by social isolation or the stress of working from home.

9. Learn how to love yourself through this. And how to love the ones you love better.

Everybody hopes we’ll come out of this crazy time of virus danger and social shut-down living better than before. Timely therapy can help you handle it gracefully, and set you up to move forward with more confidence and inner peace. You deserve that.