Individual therapy

If you are ready to get some support and make changes in your life, I invite you to give me a call today.  Even if you’ve never considered yourself a depressed or anxious person, counseling can help you move beyond the frustrating places where you feel stuck. You don’t have to handle this alone any more. 

I will help you learn how balance between accepting yourself and challenging your old habits. Individual session can be tailored to your schedule. We can meet in-person at my office on South Pearl Street in Denver or on a video call. Session are scheduled for 1 to 2 hours. Together we can design a plan to get you feeling better and living a life you love again, or maybe for the first time!


Anxiety Therapy

Are you tired of anxiety running your life? You can learn to feel calmer and be more effective in even the most stressful situation. In the very first session, we will begin to make a plan to understand your symptoms and get your anxiety under control. 

Anxiety patterns are tough! That’s why I have designed a program that tackles anxiety from several  different angles. We will create a program that fits for you. Sessions can be scheduled hourly  or longer. In-person sessions, phone and email support are often woven together to help you get the results you need.  Call me today to get started!


Yoga Therapy

In case you don’t love talking about your problems, or even if you do, but you want to try something new, check this out!

When I found out that emotional changes can occur, even without talking much about the problem, I was very excited!  

Yoga therapy sessions can be used side by side with psychotherapy or can stand alone as a treatment. Come in and learn to use yoga and mindfulness to help you move beyond anxiety and depression. Your sessions are design for you alone or in a small group. Confidentiality and privacy are maintained in our private yoga studio on South Pearl Street in Denver. 



The most important qualities to look for in a therapist are respect, safety and understanding. This is a gut feeling. When you have that sense of safety, you will be able to open up your creative side, learn easily, and move beyond your well worn patterns that have you stuck. You have this ability in you! I will work with you and create the right conditions so that you can activate your own innate ability to manage anxiety. The best way to start this process is a phone call. You’ll have an opportunity to see if our initial interaction feels safe. Then you can take the next step of making an appointment.

Call me today to set up a free phone consultation. 

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1468 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210