What do you do when your anxiety is rising but you just don’t have time to meditate for 30 minutes or take a yoga class?

Are you busy in spite of your best intentions? Me too! Until the day when our lives are simple and perfect, we’ve got to weave in little breaks.

Here is a quick meditation that can help you reset and feel refreshed in just a few minutes!

I first learned of this during my own yoga teacher training a few years ago. I came across a reminder in an article by Lillian Daniels on the Daily Skimm.

Here’s my version.

1. Sit as comfortably as you can wherever you happen to be.
2. Close your eyes and place you fingers gently on your eyelids.
3. Place your thumbs gently but firmly on your earlobes to block out sound.
4. Inhale slowly and deeply until you feel full.
5. Exhale slowly and hum during your exhale. It sounds like a bee hovering near your head. A gentle bee who is not interested in stinging you! If that freaks you out, forget the bee.
6. Exhale all your air and repeat.
7. On the second round, focus your attention at the third eye (a point on your forehead just between your eye brows) as you exhale and hum.
8. On the third round, let your attention rest at your heart as you exhale slowly humming.
9. For the 4th round, focus on your lower body, feeling heavy and grounded where you sit. Exhale completely, while humming.
10. Finish when you are ready. Or when you get interrupted! Try teaching this to the people who keep interrupting you.

Take a few normal breaths. Get up slowly.

May the quiet stay with you today.